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Beauty comes from within!

We often tend to focus on hair products to achieve dream hair. Of course, it is essential to use the right products adapted to our hair type, but it all starts with what is on our plates.

And YES ! I'm talking about food . Diet directly affects the health of our hair. A healthy and varied diet provides a multitude of essential nutrients that keep our hair and scalp healthy while promoting hair growth. It is important to know that the scalp is nourished by nutrients brought by the blood circulation to the roots of the hair. Impressive isn't it?

It is important to understand that to maintain and have healthy hair. Hair particularly needs proteins , vitamins , minerals and trace elements . We will have the chance to go into more details about this famous cocktail of nutrients in future blogs.

However, here is an overview of what we will explore together:

Vitamins A, B, C, D, E Ahhh these delectable vitamins! Our hair loves them and they are essential. They can be found in several foods: fruits, vegetables, animal or plant products. Minerals and trace elements like: Zinc, Iron, Magnesium, Selenium… These substances are essential, in very small quantities, in our bodies for growth and for good normal functioning.

By adding its nutrients to our diet, they provide our body with everything necessary for hair growth. These nutrients also promote the strength of nails as well as they help improve the condition of our skin while having a healthy lifestyle. WHAT A JOYYY !!

So… Get Ready…Go! TO YOUR PLATESSS!!

Sara AEF


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