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our mission


At Atelier en Boucle,

our goal is to educate anyone who needs additional knowledge about afro hair.

For 2024, our goal is to develop an official partnership with the DPJ of Montreal to offer our workshop services to foster families, families in the process of adopting and educators in youth centres.


For what? Quite simply because hair takes a big place in the Afro-descendant community. It can be a source of complexity as much as it can be a source of pride. It's a culture that is transmitted from generation to generation, it's an affirmation of self, a means of expression and even a historical symbol to several battles against racism throughout time. Unfortunately, it's also an extremely stigmatized hair type. And knowing these facts, we want to ensure that every child in the community has the opportunity to develop a  closeness and a pride with their culture. How? By denouncing stigmatization, injustices and stereotypes. By opening dialogues, informing our peers and our young people through educational and interactive workshops. But mostly, by making information accessible to everyone.


On our website you will find our current activities, our blogs, vlogs and a glossary with recommendations from different professionals in the hairdressing field. We hope this can help you.

The En Boucle Team


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The “My hair routine” journal available soon.

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