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The team

We are currently a small team. However, we are looking for additional members. If you are a lawyer, accountant, in public relations or in the field of social work, send us your CV as well as a letter telling us on more on you and your interest in joining the Atelier en Boucle team.

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Founder and President

Shadei B. Miclisse

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Member of the Board

Chelsea A. Nsumba

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Shadei B. Miclisse, founder of Atelier en Boucle, has always been a woman who liked to keep herself busy. This is why in March 2020, a few days after the announcement of the closure of beauty salons in Quebec, Shadei was already starting Atelier en Boucle. Like many others, confinement led her to reflect on her experiences, what was close to her heart, what had marked her over time, her professional career, her skills, her passions and her values, but above all she wondered; How to turn negative experiences into positive ones? How to make a difference in her environment? How could she ensure that every aspect of her life would align with her personal values?


Shadei had over 7 years of experience in the beauty world. Her father being an entrepreneur and her mother having been in the world of social work for over ten years, she decided to create an entity that would combine her passion, her inspirations, her values and her negative and positive experiences. Then that’s quite simply how the non-profit organization, Atelier en Boucle, was born.

Operated by ethnic minority people

For equity • For a sense of belonging • To propagate culture.

Operated by

For entrepreneurship • To encourage local • For education.

By the young for
the young

For self-esteem • For moral support • To give back to the community.

Once her ideas were put on paper, she only had one thought on her mind and that was to call the one person, who, she felt would understand the vision and passion behind this new project. After several hours of bouncing ideas off of each other through the phone, Chelsea officially agreed to become her partner.

Chelsea A. Nsumba is a woman who is also passionate about afro hair. With her own range of natural products, she added another value to Atelier en Boucle. Her knowledge of ingredients and oils is particularly breathtaking. And that's one of the reasons why Chelsea and Shadei formed the perfect pair.

Today, the two are the core of AEB, but they are looking to expand the team. They want people who will be able to bring new knowledge. Trustworthy and hard-working people who are passionate about teamwork.

The “My hair routine” journal available soon.

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