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It's time to take care of yourself!

Well-being naturally involves the idea of taking care of yourself. A concept that seems so simple but yet so complex for many.

Quality time and rest is essential to maintain a pleasant life. However, a study showed that women belonging to the following groups; Blacks, Indigenous people and other people of color, "depending on their age, employment status and caregiver status", were not able to afford even ten minutes of breathing in the calm and silence due to their many responsibilities. These same women are often known for taking care of their peers above all else. While this is noble and admirable, it is still vital for everyone to take the time to care for themselves.

Women of color, black women in particular, are often known for being strong women. An ideology that comes from way back. A concept that marks women to this day in several spectrums of society, such as in the world of health or the family environment. Whether it's society's perspective or the one they now have of themselves, the weight can be quite heavy at times. Often this same stigma leads women to detach themselves from their emotions and forget about themselves. At Atelier en Boucle, we are here to remind you that it is time to take a break. To stop, breathe and take the time to love yourself.

Let's stop believing that not taking care of ourselves is a sacrifice to make to be able to take care of our peers. Because self-love is essential to be able to put a little love back into this world. A woman who takes care of herself can, thanks to her love, lead the world, help raise her community and build a nest of joy in those around her.

We need you, but we need you fit, healthy, happy and most importantly in love with yourself.

The reason why wellness can often be seen as a luxury is because it is often associated with the luxury of having time and money. Yet wellness isn't limited to spa days and mani/pedis. Meditation, sports, quality time, healthy food, can all be ways or forms of taking care of yourself, physically or psychologically. Here we will take the time to explore several ways to relax, escape, get to know and love each other. Very excited to share tips, studies, secrets but above all well-being routines adapted to you. Tips here and there that will increase your quality of life without disrupting your daily life.

With that, dear women, let us take care of ourselves mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It's time.

With love,

AB & B. Miclisse


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